What is this?

  • Frdlweb CMS Admin-Interface/Installer Beta-Status
  • frdl.js Helper-UI Beta-Status
  • Composer Helper-UI Beta-Status
  • Terminal Emulator

Current Version: loading...

PHP-Installer Script Download:

  • You have to accept the license(s) to use our installers ecosystem/API/CDN!
    (Most of the delivered software is licensed under MIT, BSD, or other Open licenses formats!)
set pass:
confirm pass:
filename: {{phpInstaller.filename.name}}
  1. Select Installer Stub: {{phpInstaller.stub.name}}
  2. Choose password above!
  3. loading... Start Download...! Choose password! Confirm password!
  4. Upload the downloaded file to a webservers public directory....
  5. Open the uploaded file in the browser....
workspace/api/cdn: {{phpInstaller.workspace.subdomain}}.{{phpInstaller.workspace.domain}}
1. Create a new project

- screenshot - Create new Frdlweb project

5. Test example output.

- screenshot - Example output

  • 6. Edit templates...
  • 7. ...
2. Add packages you would like to use and install them. 3. Configure the modules/packages config settings.

- screenshot - Add dependencies and cofigurations

4. Press the red button. (compiles the project)

- screenshot - Compile Frdlweb Project

Tiny Terminal Emulator included

- screenshot - Tiny Terminal Emulator